Some examples of our work

Engaging new graduates

LiveTime built a 5-day case study challenge incorporating fictitious companies and brands, role-plays, business pitches, networking and escape rooms. All this helped bring new joiners up to speed on a complex area in a highly engaging way.

Thrilled to see the training come to life. Thanks for making it such a success.
- Project Sponsor

Process & Technical training

To help build knowledge of key manufacturing processes relating to safety, we created a smart structure using digital learning for detailed content. This was balanced with VILT sessions to explore application and discuss challenges.

Really great to hear the training was so successful, thanks for your support in the creation, set-up and moderation.
- Project Sponsor

Conversational banking

This project used Zoom to train staff in how to use chatbots to augment customer service. Initially a 5-day classroom course, due to Covid it needed to be converted to virtual within 8 weeks.

Thanks LiveTime! The sessions went really, really well! Ours ended up being the most oversubscribed session and also received the highest-scoring feedback.
- Project Sponsor

Sharing commercial expertise

We created a 3-day face-to-face course to help share key commercial learnings and expertise across sales and marketing teams globally. Highly involving games and challenges helped engage participants and land key messages.

I would like to express the delight we have for working with LiveTime.  Your professionalism, the fact that you are super reliable and open to our demands, tweaks and approach is fantastic.
- Project Sponsor

New methodology

To train time-short consultants in a major new methodology, we used a range of interactive, self-paced, bite-sized modules. This was supported by videos from in-house practitioners to cover nuances in application.

The team has done amazing work. Everyone has been super-responsive and the feedback has been great.
- Project Lead

New in-house support service

We helped design a programme to launch a new in-house benefits service – targeting different stakeholders with varying messages and employing video, digital content, intranet communication, Town Halls and more.

I just wanted to let you know that it was one of the best Town Halls I have ever attended. The content was succinct and relevant, and I really enjoyed it!
- Participant

Building soft skills

We created a range of bite-sized virtual classroom sessions to help build soft skills. Always engaging, always interactive and always designed for both building knowledge and applying it practically.

I started my new role last Monday and re-did the session on ‘Planning’ to help. It has already taken effect! So just a quick email to say thank you very much.
- Participant

Bite-sized learning

LiveTime helped develop and deliver a series of interactive lunchtime sessions for this client. We worked closely with senior inhouse experts who added personal insights and experience in how to manage effectively and get the best from people, whatever the challenge.

Great session, really helpful. I can’t wait to put it into practice.
- Participant

5-week induction!

We helped convert a 5-week classroom induction course, so that it all ran using VILT. This fitted the needs of a new, home-based virtual team. Our input included consultancy, content development, TTT, in-person facilitator support and much more.

Wow. We did it. Your help was vital. Thank you.
- Facilitator

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Whether you want face-to-face training, virtual classrooms, e-learning, virtual escape rooms or a blend, we would love to help you create the best possible content for your learning programme.

We’ve got more than ten years experience of advising, supporting and delighting major organizations, including American Express, Diageo, HMRC, Sky, UBS and many others.

Matt Turner, director of LiveTime Learning, shares some virtual training tips

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